Dwarven Monster Slayers is now developed as a Standalone Indie Game


I have just started to work on a completely new project. This time, we’re not talking about a mod or map. Instead, this project is going to be a full standalone indie game.

Be prepared for a multiplayer coop first person fantasy RPG with heavily armed dwarves defending their dungeon against hordes of intrusive monsters. After saving their very own territority, the dwarves will be able to explore the other areas and caves beneath the earth so that they might eventually slay down the source of the evils that threatenes their homes.

The game is powerd by the Unity engine and I’m planning to go for Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight after the first playable prototype is finished. I’ve attached a first screenshot from a very early prototype so you can get a rough impression what you can expect here.

Make sure to check out the official game website as well: Dwarven Monster Slayers



Back again with lot’s of content

Hi everyone,

finally, I’ve revived my personal website moco2k.de and took the chance to do a complete revision of the contents. Now this site features information and downloads of all my game design and modding projects. Check it out!