DMS for Warcraft III

Some years ago, before I’ve started to work on the Dwarven Monster Slayers standalone game, I have created a Warcraft III map/mod with the same name. While the Warcraft III map also offers 1-5 player coop gameplay, it is quite different in many other aspects compared to the standalone game. For example, it’s more like a typical dungeon crawler and I like to describe the gameplay as a blend between the games Diablo and Killing Floor. The game features top-down, rogue-like character control, fast paced spell casting and gearing-up. Characters have different distinctive strengths and weaknesses so there is a strong need for teamwork and tactics to dynamically adopt the battle situations, considering roles in the team, environmental conditions as well as directions and types of incoming monsters. The Warcraft III map is an officially hosted project on, one of the largest Warcraft III modding communities around the web. It can be downloaded here.

Dwarven Monster Slayers (Warcraft III map) Key features:

  • Original game concept
  • Playable with 1 to 5 players
  • 5 carefully designed, unique dwarven heroes with amazing spells and abilities
  • 5 difficulty modes (featuring unique loot and monsters on higher difficulties)
  • A total of 12 waves (divided upon 3 chapters with individual themes and monster sets)
  • Challenging boss encounters and many rare mini-bosses
  • More than 300 items
  • More than 20 characteristic monsters
  • Save/load system allowing you to save your hero for later games
  • A little story that is told in some cut scenes
  • A significant focus on teamwork
  • An atmoshperic and detailed dungeon scenario and overall careful art design
  • Gore system (i.e. monsters killed with crits usually explode in spectacular bloody animations)
  • The power of spells/abilities immediately scales with the heroe’s attributes (which enables a smooth balancing and proper scaling)
  • Achievements and high score system
  • A smart difficulty system that also considers the number of playing heroes

YouTube teaser and screenshots: