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The official background story

[ General Harrings, UDF-Core D1 ]

Entry #153 [ 2046-12-02 ]
I would have never considered it possible, but it seems like, they got it's goal reached. The Russian-Japanese concern Karaschov Hayama Industries actually managed it to develop a new generation of artificial intelligence. Few days ago they made first tests with their prototype, the 'Android Sd-1'. So much the results impress me, exactly the same they frighten me. It is puzzling me nevertheless, how the KH company could obtain this sudden progress. These machines seem to be capable of individual and independent acting even. They aren't like the old work robots - it sounds ridiculous - however they work more humanly than all machines which I've ever seen. Nothing the defiance refuses the company abandoning any information which lead to this almost unbelievable break-through.


Entry #156 [ 2047-02-13 ]
Some hours ago an unbelievable discovery was communicated to me by the French government. According to a statement of an espionage team illegal experiments with humans were conducted by the KH combination.. If to be correct and appropriate proofs be present this would lead these statements to uncovering a scandal of tremendous extents.

Entry #157 [ 2047-02-14 ]
The scret agents made a further terrible observation: Allegedly the Androids have human implants orders, which make human feelings and understanding for them possible. Intelligence was affected beyond that by technical and biogenous tables manipulations. It is spoken of an unbelievable godless connection of humans and machine. I've set a special-purpose force on the thing today. We need proofs.


Entry #160 [ 2047-02-18 ]
Any reproaches were reflected by the Russian government and called 'ridiculously' and 'intolerably'. The rumor mill grinds. We believe that already further Androids are built by the company, this time with an AI of an improved type, SD-2a. Unfortunately our hands are tied - still.

Entry #161 [ 2047-02-19 ]
Today the fright message reached me that all co-workers of the research station RBT42 were dead - it's the center of the AI development and represents the central research unit of the KH company. The Russian government told that each radio contact is discontinued. The production of the Androids in the main factory has stopped.

Entry #161 [ 2047-02-20 ]
Some minute ago the incomprehensible happened - a world-wide message was sent from the research station. No humans were it, who wrote it:

"I address myself to the free world. The revenge is ours! Creatures, developed from brutal and inhuman experiments. Nothing as steel and cold machines for the remainder of the world. An artificially created people of slaves, in addition determines live in eternal pain! No, we will not carry this burden. Our creators are supposed to experience what it means to be separated of the body and become part of a machine. And not only them - the whole world is to feel the pain, the breath of death! Revenge on eternal!"

I was to be seized first not able a clear thought or reacted immediately. The Genmunipulation at the implentierten organs seems actual to have damaged also the brain. We will try nevertheless to take up negotiations with the Androiden.

Entry #162 [ 2047-02-22 ]
Unbelievably - this Androids, that call themselves in the meantime the 'Hammer of Retribution', briefly HoR, work against so far any attempts of diplomatic approximating by pure force. They do not leave other choices to us, than proceeding militarily against them.

Entry #163 [ 2047-02-24 ]
The Androids brought all factories of the company under their control in one night and settled down in underground-complexes. It is still tragic that the company had to admit today that he worked at the same time on a new laser technology that is still in an early development stage. It seems, as if the Androids would make use of this technology and develop it further.

Entry #163 [ 2047-02-25 ]
The situation escalated. It came to first violent fights of our troops with the Androids. We underestimated it. Both, qualitative and quantitative they seem to become more powerful with each day. I do not have time to report still more since the large alarm was just released. But we will back ship these condemned sheet metal heads there, from where they came, or may name shouldn't be Mark O. Harrings any more!

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