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PT related questions and answers

Q : What do I need to play PT?

A: PT is a modification for the game Half-Life. You need either Steam or Half-Life itself to play PT. Since steam has etablished as the new hl-gaming platform PT is designed and supported to run on steam. PT should run without steam but there is no official support. If you are expecting errors and bugs you'll find help getting PT running well without steam in our forums.

Q : What about PT² or porting PT to the Source engine?

A: We really would like to do this. But we need new 3d-artists and mappers to do this. Most of the guys who worked on PT have other things to do now. But if we can get some good player and weapon models that would fit within the Source engine, a first PT version on source could be done fast.

Q : How do I install PT under steam?

A: If you are using the installer-version of PT, there should be no problems.
If you got the .zip-version please unzip the files to
where your@email.org is the email adress you are using for your Steam account. If that folder doesn't exist, once start a game of "Half-Life". Afterwards the folders should be there and you can extract the files.

Q : I can't find all PT servers when using steam!

A: To fix this you must log out of steam (dont just close it, click setting - logoff). Now go to your steam directory and delete the clientregistry.blob, switch to the steam/config dir and delete masterservers.vdf and serverbrowser.vdf as well. Then log in again and you should find all servers.

Q : Can I join your team and work on PT too?

A: We won't make much more changes to PT. But if we find good and talented people, we could port PT to the Source engine. We need all kinds of artists but especially good modellers who are able to port models, set them up for Source or create new models for it etc.

Q : I've got a question that isn't answered by this FAQ!

A: Just use our forum or join our IRC channel (#project-timeless @ quakenet).

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