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Facts and information about PT

Developer : changing team of hobby game designers

Basic concept & idea : Moritz Cohrs

Project startup : december 1999

Release history :

- Beta 2.1 (may 2007)
- Beta 2.0 (september 2004)
- Beta 1.0 (november 2003 )

Marketing : non commercial

Game type : modification for the game Half-Life (you need Half-Life to play PT)

Keywords : 3d-action, tactical gameplay, teamplay, science-fiction

What is it exactly?

Project Timeless is a 3D-Shooter, which is conceived for the multi-player mode exclusively. It takes place in the year 2047. Two teams fight against each other: The United Defense Forces (a global military organization) and the 'Hammer of Retribution' (a high developed generation of cyborgs).

The player has the opportunity to join one of those fractions. The game takes place in different locations, sometimes the missions are part of a small campaign that features different mission-targets that have to be fulfilled by the teams.

Each soldier arranges himself at the beginning an individual equipment from different components. Each of these components/weapons has tactical pro's and con's whereby a complex play happening is developed. By killing opponents or fulfilling mission goals the individual players receive points.

Special features of PT

Complex Campaigns

The campaign system enables PT to create multiple objectives and missions within a single map. Those in-map missions can completely differ from each other, even take place in different locations. That´s why a PT-Map is usually larger and more varied than maps of other games/mods.

Stealth, Movement sensor & radar

Feel the real thrill by using the movement sensor to detect your enemies that may be cloaked by the powerful stealth generator!
On the radar you will see friends, sometimes even enemies and mission-goals in colors depending on their priority.

Large outdoor areas

By using a special mapping-method PT features some maps with large nice-looking outdoor terrain with a never seen performance at the half-life engine!

Detailled player models

The characters are equipped with suits that fit their environment, you can choose between 5 different heads for udf and 2 for hor and the player-models have completely new animations. For example the player can prone or give silent commands via body-language.

Breathtaking weapons

Experience gameplay with realistic and modern weapon systems or all new futuristic prototypes and powerful inventions on the side of the cyborgs featuring great visual effects. PT features nearly 30 weapons at all and various gadgets/add-ons to equip your player with.

Independence for mappers

The PT-Mapping system offers mappers large possibilities in creating and designing their maps. The choice and combination of mission-targets is hardly restricted. Detailled infos can be found in the Mapping-Section - anything is fully documentated.

MP3 player

Listen to the exclusively composed PT Score or to your own MP3's by using the integrated MP3-Player.

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