Project Timeless

Project Timeless (PT) is a Half-Life 1 mod project which I had started in december 1999 during the vanilla times of the big Counter-Strike (CS) boom after I felt that I wanted to do more than just creating custom maps for CS. Project Timeless is a tactical multiplayer team shooter which featured high quality content as well as many innovative game concepts for it’s time. In a dedicated team of non-professional modders, I had been working on PT as lead game designer, project leader and lead level designer between 1999 and 2004, and for some time in 2007.

The official website is still alive:

Game characteristics:

  • A futuristic end-time science-fiction scenario in which the United Defense Forces (a global military alliance) fight against the Hammer of Retribution (a brotherhood of psychotic androids respectively human-machine hybrids).
  • The campaign system allows maps to be divided into multiple different missions (sub-rounds). Missions can be dynamically linked with each other in any logical order. For example, the second mission in a map can be a different one, depending on which team had won the first round.
  • There are nearly unlimited possibilities for level designers in creating individual missions. Nearly everything can be used as a mission target (like destroy, capture, hack terminal, defend area, escort VIP, combinations of these, etc.)
  • There is an extensive pool of exciting weapons and equipment, including realistic weapons, futuristic laser weapons, gimmicks like stealth generators and movement sensors, gas masks, napalm grenades, radar etc.
  • Complex gameplay featuring tactical depth and maps with extremely diverse gameplay

I would love to revive PT some day and recreate it as a standalone game using an up-to-date engine.


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